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Handover and Soft Landings

There is a huge risk embedded in project management practice of stepping away too early.  It all links back to the 'why' question again.  What benefits are you looking to realise?  A project or programme is usually an enabler.  It is the first step in a change process and unless it is considered in that way the risk is that whoever is going to be picking up and using the output of the project is not ready to be passed the baton because they are not provided with the correct support, training, information or expectations to do so.

We believe strongly that the job is not complete until it properly passed on.  Our approach is to start preparing for handover as soon as possible so it is seen as a transition that can be phased rather than a cliff face.  Our aim is to avoid the 'chuck it over the net' approach.  You wouldn't buy a new car and try to drive across the country without first having driving lessons.  To realise the benefits of the time and investment in the project delivery we will work with you to focus on structuring the transition.

We sit on the BSRIA Soft Landings User Group.  Soft Landings is a methodology aimed at improving building performance and delivering better buildings.  It is strongly focused on bridging the gap between design intent and functional performance.

Owen Anthony has also worked on a research project with the Association for Project Management (APM) looking into how to improve project handover.

We provide services such as bespoke training videos (click here for examples), handover management and consultancy.  The sooner handover can be planned for, the more effective it is but we will help where we can at any stage of the project lifecycle.

Handover is the start...

IT Projects

We have worked on IT schemes, both integrating IT installations with construction schemes and managing the scoping and delivery of IT strategies including implementation of managed services, intranets and learning platforms.
We would start with what you are looking to achieve that can be supported by IT.  Our recommendation would be targeting these areas from a ‘strategic’ perspective initially.  Too often device specification comes before functional requirement.  This discussion helps to clarify your position and get the best out of the spend.
Depending on the project we would then work with you to produce device strategies, performance and functional requirements, review any infrastructure implications of this (wireless and wired network performance requirements), workplace design (including furniture), application requirements, support services (e.g. who is looking after the IT once installed), interfaces with other areas of your business and a change management strategy to ensure the roll out of new technology and ways of working is supported to adoption. 
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Project Management

We have extensive experience of managing project and programme governance in many sectors and on many different schemes.  The process bit we will bring.  We will start with the why and the who first though, because all projects are change and change is only successful if you know who needs to change and why.  Then we can all see the same picture and we stand a much better chance of making it real.

There are over 15 million project managers in the world and counting.  Billions are spent on projects and programmes and yet many of them fail.  Many projects are reported as being successful because they came in on budget, on time and someone signed them off as complete.  What doesn't always happen is the question "Why?" being asked at the beginning.  We will ask you why you want your project.  Once we know why you are spending time, money and effort on something we can help you ensure you get it.  


Projects that deliver benefits

Project and Programme Management
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